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Cadavre Exquis
2015-2016 Video

 Work in progress 
Cadavre exquis is an experimental collaborative project between Nika Schmitt, Cas Banierink and me where we explore story telling through the idea of a cadaver exquis such as the Surrealist and Fluxus movements have done so with writing and drawing. During this exercise, the visuals were held secret while only a sentence rughly describing the filmed material is passed on to the next participant. As it is a work in progress, we will from now on try to make a visual videographic cadavre exquis which means we do not necessarily have writing included but we will get the last frame of the previous video to which we then have to react. 

Aurélie d'Incau

1: I went to see Mr.Fox to find out if he had what I wanted from him, unfortunately he didn't but he had something else (Aurélie)

2: back then she had left it for him to find it. He kept it safe until this day. (Nika)

3: Do you feel like that is worth it? It is oke to be scared. I was too. (Cas)

4: Wherever I am he is too, but then he's not, So is he gone and should I follow or is it he who should  come to me because it's me who's gone? (Aurélie)  

5: deeper and deeper walking away from yourself to then disapear in the absence of light to discover something new. (Nika)

6: For a balance is needed to see in new ways. He walked with a heavy burden. (Cas)

7:.STOP! No more... Its enough, We don't want that! (Aurélie)

8:.carefully until the patience is s over! (Nika)

9: He hoped the future would be more like a pussy and less like a butthole. Still a sight to behold. (Cas)

10: If you know what you want you should know how to get it (Nika)

11: but what if you can t ? i just want to get up but something is holding me back (Cas).

12: Through the lessons she tought herself she managed in a small way to subdue the darkness. (Aurélie)

13:He/she has lost all sense of empathy, he just cant see enotions anymore, they are wiped out from the faces. (Nika).

14: stop waiting for the sun! stop blaming others, just end your deal (Cas)

15:Even though he wanted nothing less, he pushed on. Without a destination, fueled by regret and phantoms of the past (Aurélie). 

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