Flexible memory


at OUTSIDE [Ecume/Scum] workshop Les Brasseurs Liège

People, memories, Paper, oilpastels, marker 


Research on communication through language and image. I went into the streets of Liège asking people to take 10-20 minutes to tell me their story while I drew it – sometimes together with them. 

Aurélie d'Incau

Blue is Aydens favorate colour just like his eyes and his clothes. Ayden lives the first to the right and first to the left with his mom dad and little sister. He lives on the very top of a very tall and skinny building. Or on the first floor just above the door. One part of the image travelled with Ayden and the other with me. 

Aurélie d'Incau

The result is a map of our encounter, it tells about our interaction with each other. It is the documentation of what is the unseen element of language, the interaction of two brains with their own memories and own experiences and own imaginations. Leaving behind only a few visual traces, this map opens up for interpretation from the viewer’s point of view, for him to attach his own memories to what he sees and to transport it to future visual experiences.