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My work is a research on the life in a community (empathy), on what we share (identity) and how we maintain this community (ethics, rules). Consequently, throughout my work, I intend to integrate the very essence of art as a tool for awareness creation in the everyday life. In order to achieve this, I either involve the audience in the creation or destruction of material pieces; use their curiosity or their inadvertant behaviour as a medium. Furthermore, I occasionally involve them into story telling as character or as story teller. As a result I mean to show the impact of the singular person or to show the power of collective thinking and to give back the feeling of individuality. Thus I often draw on what I see as the highest form of learning: play. Play is free, disinterested and in an alternate time zone and thus can be perfectly used as a tool to question freedom of the human, quality in art, function of objects, materiality of the mind, fiction, truth, memory and our world view. It is either through play or the absence of play, choice, or the absence of choice, freedom or the absence of freedom that I am researching on the role of the participator and the role of the non-participator in my art. Often this research is closely interlinked with educational theories and neuroscience as they serve as a scientific backbone to my otherwise rather intuitional working method.

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© Mário Rainha Campos
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